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Tooth Whitening

Would you like whiter teeth?

Opalescence take-home whitening gel is a professional teeth whitener available only through a licensed dental professional. Giving you a whiter, brighter smile using custom trays your dentist makes just for you, Opalescence take-home whitening gel is ideal for people who want the most customized whitening treatment possible. Available in three delicious flavors and four concentrations for day or night wear. Opalescence gels contain an active whitening ingredient (either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) that penetrates your enamel to get to discolored molecules. Oxygen molecules from the whitening agents react with the discolored molecules in your teeth, breaking the bonds that hold them together. The oxygen molecules spread, whitening the entire tooth. As a result, you are left with a brighter, whiter smile within minutes.

*Text from Opalescence website.


1. Are your teeth mildly crowded or slightly spaced? Did you have braces as a kid and “forgot” to wear your retainer? Many people experience the frustration of minor alignment discrepancies that have never been corrected or once were, but have relapsed into their original position. MTM Clear Aligners are the virtually undetectable way to align or realign your smile, without the metal! MTM Clear Aligner uses removable appliances to correct slight misalignments (such as crowding or spacing). Each aligner is custom fabricated, per your doctor’s treatment plan, to progressively advance your teeth into their ideal position, leaving you with a healthy and beautiful smile. In the short video to the left, see what the experts have to say. If you feel you are a good candidate for MTM, please do not hesitate to ask us about treatment!

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Here At Chesterfield Hilltown Dental

Dr. Andrew and Carissa Bruening, along with their professional staff, strive to provide the best technical dental techniques and all-around care for you and your family. We have a firm belief in conservative, healthy dentistry, and we perform procedures only when necessary, keeping as much of your healthy teeth as possible while eliminating oral diseases.

It is important to us that we educate our patients about their dental health, and we hold ourselves to the same standard – we are continually seeking knowledge about the most up-to-date practices and care-giving techniques. When providing care, we place a strong emphasis on cosmetics because we want your teeth to help you look and feel your best. Our office is dedicated to providing personal, gentle dental care for our patients, friends, and families. Our goal is to inspire each and every patient so that they may be motivated to have a lifetime of optimum oral health and be truly satisfied with their smile.

Meet The Team

Click Here to learn about Dr. Andrew R. Bruening, Dr. Carissa J. Bruening, and their professional staff who have made Chesterfield Hilltown Dental a leader in dentistry in the greater St. Louis area for over 20 years.

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