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  • Andrew R. Bruening, DDS, LLC
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  • Chesterfield Hilltown DentalWhere we make Beautiful, Healthy Smiles!

    Services and Technology

    At Chesterfield Hilltown Dental, we are committed to helping patients look and feel their best. Our dentist and dental hygienist can help you get your mouth and teeth in shape, so you can enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health. Professional cleanings are custom tailored to you and performed every three, four or six months depending on your needs. This is one of the most important steps you can take to improve and maintain your dental health. We use the most trusted techniques, technology, and products to remove plaque, stains, and calculus (tartar) build up from your teeth.

    Gum Disease
    Periodontal disease is an infection of the mouth that can lead to serious dental problems, such as abscesses or tooth loss. Studies show that gum disease can also play a part in the risk for heart attacks, strokes, and even dementia later in life. We keep our patients informed about the risks and consequences of gum disease. We treat periodontal disease with a procedure called scaling and root planing, also sometimes referred to as a “deep cleaning”, followed by continued periodontal maintenance. If you have more serious or advanced gum disease, we will coordinate more advanced surgical or laser treatment with a Periodontist that specializes in gum disease and surgery.

    Fluoride and Sealants
    We apply fluoride treatments and dental sealants to adults as needed depending on the risk for developing cavities. We recommend sealing all permanent molars. We also recommend treating children with fluoride varnish at every visit to help prevent future dental issues.

    Night Guards / Bruxism Appliances
    If you grind or clench your upper and lower teeth during sleep or during the day we can provide custom fitted, injection-molded Crystal Clear® or NTI-tss Plus™ appliance, to be worn in your mouth at night or even during the day. These appliances protect your teeth and reduce the need for future dental work caused by abnormal wear of the teeth.

    Sleep Apnea / Snoring Appliances
    Using a custom fitted TAP® appliance will open your airway at night to alleviate obstructive sleep apnea and reduce snoring. This improves the quality of sleep and has a huge impact on the overall quality life.

    Custom Mouth Guards for Athletes
    We design and supply customized mouth guards for patients who participate in contact sports. Custom mouth guards are far more effective than universal or boil-and-bite style mouth guards available at sporting goods stores because they are molded to the contours of each individuals mouth and minimize the risk of serious oral injuries.

    Oral Surgery
    We are pleased to offer surgical services at our office. At Chesterfield Hilltown Dental, Dr. Bruening performs oral surgery procedures such as extractions and socket preservation using local anesthesia. When the need for advanced oral surgery arises, we are happy to help you coordinate the appropriate treatment.

    Root Canal Therapy
    If you have a tooth ache or a tooth that is badly decayed or infected, we may recommend endodontic (root canal) treatment. Endodontic treatment is one of the most effective approaches for restoring the health of infected or badly damaged teeth. At Chesterfield Hilltown Dental we perform selective root canals, but we will happily coordinate treatment with an Endodontist for more difficult cases.

    Dental onlays are restorations used to repair cracked or fractured teeth and used to replace decayed teeth with moderate or large cavities, as well as old or damaged fillings. Onlays match the color of your teeth, and are created of composite resin or porcelain. They are preferable to crowns because they conserve more healthy tooth structure. This helps to eliminate sensitivity and the need for root canal therapy in the future that can be common with crowns.

    Dental Implants
    Dental implants are often the best option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Implants are more stable than removable dentures are more desirable than removable dentures or fixed bridges because they do not require preparing other healthy teeth to hold them in. Implants are made of titanium and insert into the jaw bone to act like an artificial tooth root. Once the dental implants have been successfully placed, a customized crown, bridge or denture will be fabricated and attached.

    When one or more teeth are missing and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the open space, a dental bridge is an excellent solution if an implant is not possible or desired. A bridge is made up of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap and a false tooth (or teeth) in between. Bridges can be fabricated from a variety of materials – most commonly ceramic now due to improved technology and better esthetics. With proper care, your new bridge will enhance your oral health and give you a more confident smile.

    If you have lost some or all of your natural teeth, partial dentures or complete dentures can be used to replace them. Through proper coordinating with our quality area Oral Surgeons and Dental Labs, Chesterfield Hilltown Dental can offer implant retained denture solutions from as simple as placing two implants in the lower jaw to increase the comfort and function of a lower denture to fixed bridges on multiple implants in the both the upper and lower jaws. An intermediate option, also available, is a hybrid denture using an all-on-four technique that anchors the teeth to 4 implants in each jaw and provides a very stable result.

    Full Mouth Restorations
    In some cases, every tooth in your mouth may need some form of restoration, such as fillings, crowns, implants, veneers and more to correct your bite. With full mouth restoration, the need of each tooth should be considered, as well as the holistic health of your mouth, jaws and body. Cases like this take considerable time and effort to be executed properly, but it is well worth it.