Reasons to Give Clear Orthodontic Aligners a Go – Chesterfield, MO

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Everyone should know that they no longer have to spend a lot of time and money in getting straight, healthy teeth—thanks to the continuous advancements in the field of orthodontics. Instead of wearing uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces, a better alternative is introduced in the form of clear aligners. This type of orthodontic approach aims to straighten the teeth effectively without the usual hassles associated with traditional treatment.

There is also no need to schedule dental appointments more often since with clear aligners, adjustments are no longer necessary. What happens is, patients are provided a set of trays which they would need to wear for a week or so before replacement. The trays are custom created based on the treatment plan formulated by the dentist. Each aligner is molded based on the movement needed to make sure all the teeth are in their right positions. Visits are still necessary but are now less often for our dentist at Chesterfield Hilltown Dental to check the progress of the treatment. Additional trays are also provided to make sure that the process of straightening the teeth goes smoothly, continuously.


Advantages of Clear Aligners

Easy to clean

One reason that turns off most people when it comes to metal braces is its maintenance. Regular activities like brushing and flossing will not be as easy as before since braces have brackets and wires that can get in the way of cleaning. In the case of clear aligners, this is not a problem since the oral device can just be removed from the mouth. Patients can then clean their mouth as they normally do. The only difference is that they also need to clean the appliance to keep harmful substances from accumulating.

Virtually invisible

What makes clear aligners the choice of teens and adults is that it can straighten their teeth discreetly. Teens would not suffer from embarrassing nicknames at school. Adults can straighten their teeth more comfortably without feeling conscious when with their friends. The material used is clear and plastic-like, so others cannot spot the appliance right away without getting close to the wearer first. Despite this, know that its teeth straightening ability is as good as the traditional approach.

They are removable

As mentioned, clear aligners can be removed from the mouth during cleaning, but it is also advised to do so when eating. Although the oral appliance is durable enough to reposition the teeth, do know that it cannot handle chewing pressure. So, to keep the aligners in good shape, make sure to remove them as advised. It is also possible for patients to detach the appliance during special occasions as long as they wear it for at least 20 to 22 hours every day for best results.

Better comfort

The problem with the components of metal braces is, it can sometimes harm the soft tissues of a patient. Plus, it becomes a painful experience every month after adjustments. Although pain is common with any orthodontic treatments, know that the clear aligners are more comfortable to wear. Once the mouth adjusts to the new set of trays, the discomfort becomes more bearable.

Do not let the hassles associated with metal braces get in the way of your aim to straighter, healthier teeth! Consider our clear aligner options at Chesterfield Hilltown Dental. We have Invisalign, In-House Clear Aligners, and ClearCorrect in Chesterfield, MO.